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About HIEM


Holy international evangelical ministry began with the man of God Pastor Kasinde kahindo who has been called and received the vision of God since 1985, to preach the gospel of Jesus through out the world. And on March 19, 2014 held a first meeting with the other 4 servants of God to bring the ministry into operation. In 2015 September 07, the Ministry was officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.


H.I.E.M organizes seminares so that we can teach and provide answers tot there questions. We hold cruisades prublicaly. Hoy International Evangelical Ministry is well known all over the world. We get the support from the contribution of our memembers, and then from 2014 we started the trip misions in different countries Holland, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. In 2015 in Danmark and 2016 America, danmark, Congo and rwanda.


Holy international evangelical ministry evangelize  the good news to everyone and everywhere around the world. offering assistance in the field with (trainings and workshops),supply food, clothing, housing and health care.


The HIEM foundation pursues the following objectives:

  • Evangelization for everyone;
  • Aassistance in the field of food supply and provision of clothing, housing and health;
  • Training in the context of information (training and workshop);
  • Development in the context of (other) humanitarian aid and action;
  •  the performance of all further actions, which are connected with the foregoing in the widest sense or which may be conducive thereto.

The foundation seeks to achieve its goal through all legal means at its disposal.